To ‘adopt’ a driver, we offer sponsorship levels of 12 and 24 months. All donations are assigned to support our volunteer driver pool.

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Every year, many thousands of Palestinian children require extensive life-saving medical care unavailable to them in the Palestinian Territories.

They have no choice but to commute long distances with their caregivers.

West Bank NGO, Green Land Society for Health Development (GLSHD) volunteers drive ill Palestinian children from their homes in the West Bank to Israeli checkpoints. Once patients and caregivers come across, they are met by volunteers from Israeli NGOs, Road to Recovery and Humans without Borders. They are then taken to one of 13 medical facilities throughout Israel for treatment.

To add further stress, the financial burden of transiting from home to checkpoint and then to the hospital can easily cost up to US$100 for a single trip.

For Palestinian families with an average monthly income of $1,000 this can be a heavy burden. If children require multiple hospital visits each month the burden is just too much.

By ‘Adopting a driver’, your sponsorship will help pay for fuel and related expenses for the volunteers. On average a volunteer driver commits to approx. one trip per month, calculated at US$100/month.


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