Sana Zayadna


Sana Zayadna is a psychotherapist from northern Israel who abandoned teaching computer science in favour of studying behavioral science.

She received her master’s degree in educational counseling and has been working for many years as an educational counsellor within the Ministry of Education and as a district counselor for youth with behavioral problems. In furthering her professional development, she received certification in multidimensional psychotherapy and specialized in couples and family therapy. She established a private clinic, offering cognitive, parental, couples and family therapies.

She is a group facilitator and parental counselor within the community, and a lecturer in higher education on integrating treatment within education. In her work as group facilitator and lecturer on ‘leadership’ at the International Leadership Institute at Beit Berl College, she leads diverse cultural groups of women leaders. These include Israelis from all sectors and Palestinians from throughout the West Bank.

Sana is also a social activist working with at-risk youth, battered women and families in distress. She is committed to developing and implementing projects in the mental health space for youth. She believes that developing projects for children that then become teens and adults, allows them to develop as healthy, well-functioning people.